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We are a community-based organization without paid staff. We are committed and dedicated, but we are not lawyers nor do we have the resources that would allow us to employ lawyers. Our members and allies—both inside and outside the prison walls—share a common conviction in our hearts to fight injustice, and have no ulterior motivation of personal profit to do so.

Kerry Shakaboona Marshall

Executive Director

Besides being a Co-Founder of HRC and current Executive Director, Shakaboona also contributes commentary to Prison Radio and writings to several publications.  He is the former Editor of the Movement Magazine. He has been incarcerated since age 17 and spent 13 years in Solitary Confinement.

kerry shakaboona marshall.jpeg

Russell "Maroon" Shoatz 

Beloved mentor, abolitionist thinker and political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz has been incarcerated since 1972 and spent 30 years in Solitary Confinement. A member of the Black Panther Party and co-founder of the Black Unity Council, he co-founded HRC and has served as a mentor to several HRC members.

russell maroon shoatz.jpeg

Robert 'Saleem' Holbrook

As an HRC Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Abolitionist Law Center, Saleem has long been at the forefront of campaigns against solitary confinement, incarceration of political prisoners, police violence, and death by incarceration. He was released from prison in 2018 after serving 27 years for an offense he was convicted of as a child.

Robert Saleem Holbrook.jpg

Mama Pat

Mama Pat is one of the original HRC members and Co-Editor of The Movement Magazine. She leads HRC's Emergency Response Network and serves as the glue holding HRC together. She is the mother of Shakaboona Marshall and fights for the rights of all incarcerated people.

Mama Pat.jpeg

Theresa Shoatz

Theresa Shoatz is one of the original HRC Members and the daughter of Russell Maroon Shoatz. She has been organizing about issues of prisoners’ rights since a young age.

theresa shoatz.jpeg

Jerome Hoagie Coffey 

Jerome Hoagie Coffey is an HRC Co-Founder and activist known for his creativeness, communication, and organizing talents. He is serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit and spent 12 years in Solitary Confinement.

jerome hoagie coffey.jpg

Karen Ali

Karen Ali is an Activist, Long Standing member of the HRC team, and wife of Omar Askia Sistrunk Ali who is innocent, yet convicted to a sentence of LIFE in prison.

Karen Ali.png

Jackson Kusiak

Jackson is an HRC Member, Resilient Activist, and Organizer.

jackson kusiak.jpg

Andy Switzer

Andy Switzer is a Courageous and Committed Advocate for the humanity of men and women behind bars. HRC Member, active since 2004.


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