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HRC'S Quarterly News Magazine.

The Movement is a powerful voice for public awareness that serves both to connect people inside to the outside world and to plug the public into issues affecting incarcerated people. It represents the voices, faces, causes, and ideas of incarcerated people and their families.


The Movement presents success stories. The section titled ‘Love Knows No Bars’ shows that family ties and love can remain strong and, in many cases, is the life force that keeps incarcerated people strong.

Current Issue

Issue 43, Spring 2021

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We w​elcome all submissions of artwork, poetry, essays, and creative writing. Please keep submissions to two pages maximum. You can email submissions to or mail them to the address provided below.


The Movement is powered through your donations. You can donate online or  by sending a check or money order to:


Human Rights Coalition

PO Box 34580
Philadelphia, PA 19101

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Thousands of people inside prisons and their supporters on the outside subscribe to The Movement. Subscriptions are free to everyone, but we ask that you donate to HRC to fund our efforts if you can. If subscribing on behalf on an incarcerated person, please provide their inmate number and Smart Communications address.

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