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Stop Solitary, Stop Torture! Rally and Press Conference

Join the Human Rights Coalition, Abolitionist Law Center, and the Solidarity Not Solitary PA-CAIC campaign on June 1 for a rally and public call to End Solitary Confinement in PA! Survivors of solitary will share why the practice is so damaging and why it stands as one of the central and most oppressive aspects of the state’s prison system of warehousing and control.

We will also honor and stand in solidarity with those currently in the Hole as they undergo the dehumanizing isolation of solitary, and call on ourselves as a community to stand with them. There will be a replica of a solitary cell and the chance to write to and connect with people in solitary, and to donate to the solidarity fund for people inside prison.

The following day on June 2 at 10am there will be a press conference to announce new legislation that would limit solitary to 15 days--in keeping with the UN’s international standards--and also prevent people under 21, LGBTQ people, and aging people from being held in solitary. PA House Reps Tina Davis and Donna Bullock and others will introduce the legislation, as will Senators John Kane and Katie Muth, and survivors of solitary will speak about how people inside prisons are the center and source for this work.

Please join us!

Check out the facebook event here.

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